ABC Plumbing, Heating & Gas Services Ltd has a clear, upfront, open and honest pricing system. Our friendly and helpful staff will make customers fully aware of our rates at the time they enquire or book a job.


Payments to be made direct to the engineer by the following methods:


Cash payments to be made directly to the engineer.


We accept:



Our engineers carry portable chip and pin machines that provide a safe, secure and convenient way for you to pay for work that has been carried out, in the comfort of your own home. The wireless terminals are accredited by all major UK banks and provide the highest level of payment security. They make it possible to process transactions and obtain authorisation within a matter of seconds.




*Fault Finding & Diagnosis Fee – this is a set fee to find and diagnose the fault / cause of a problem and regardless of how long it takes the engineer to find the fault this fee will not change & if the repair is a simple one which doesn’t require parts then you don’t pay any extra.

*Fixed Prices for repair work after a fault has been diagnosed will be given before work commences. If required parts are in stock the work can be done the same day, if parts have to be ordered a deposit is required prior to order being placed and the balance payable on the day the work is completed.

*Repair Fee – charges for repairs or any other work is per ½ hour plus materials.

Some work can be carried out on Estimated or *Fixed Prices. See Charges above.

Appliance Service Fee – the cost stated for an appliance service is subject to its condition and the distance of your home / property from our location, and may be higher than stated, also excludes the cost of faults, repairs or replacing any parts (other than the nozzle for oil-fired boilers). Additional work will be charged at our set fee of £69.00 or our ½ hourly rate, depending on the fault / work required. See Charges above.

*PowerFlush can be done on working & non working systems. RapidFlush can only be done on working systems where heating filter is fitted. Charges for repairs or any other work is per ½ hour plus materials. Some work can be carried out on Estimated or *Fixed Prices. See Charges above.

Subject to terms & conditions

Payments – all work must be paid in full by Debit / credit card¹ or cash to the engineer on the day work is completed.

We do not charge for travelling to and from your home or premises or picking up parts.

We reserve the right to request a deposit prior to commencement of any work.

All materials remain the property of ABC Plumbing, Heating & Gas Services Ltd, until paid for in full.